Mark Smith - The Male VA

The Male VA - Virtual Assistant in Oxford

Providing digital and operational business support services to small business owners in the UK.

Mark Smith aka The Male VA is a Virtual Assistant based in Oxfordshire and offers freelance business support services including WordPress administration, social media management, content creation, business administration and bookkeeping services to business owners looking to offload tasks and regain some time in their day.

I believe that running a business is the most rewarding thing someone can do for themselves. However, for many, as their customer base grows, keeping on top of administration and staff needs can become very tiresome. The Male VA was created to help small business owners like you regain a better work/life balance so that when you finish work and go home, you actually switch off. I call this process ‘outsourcing’ and is essentially you contracting me to take care of all the stuff you don’t want or have time to.

My expertise can help you run your business more smoothly and allow you to concentrate on offering your expertise to your customers, rather than getting bogged down in admin. If you’re not earning money for your business then who is?

Most experts in their trade can charge upwards of £50 per hour for their services. How many hours per week are you spending doing admin when you could be charging that time to a client? My rates start at just £30 per hour and could give you back the time to focus on your craft and growing your business income.

If you’re looking to bring in a Virtual Assistant to support your business needs then feel free to get in touch.