Virtual Business Support Rates

My rates are standard across all tasks and services I offer.

My Rates

Hourly Rate

If you’re looking for ad-hoc support on any of the services I offer this is a simple option for you. Just let me know what needs doing and I’ll bill you only for the time taken to complete.


Monthly Retainer

If you know you’ll be needing regular help each month then you can guarantee my time with my retainer package. You can retain a minimum of one hour per month and your tasks are given priority over ad-hoc work.


Web Design

Websites take time to plan, design and build. For a standard non-ecommerce website (like this one) I’ll need 12 hours to complete. For this you’ll get a 5 page seo-ready website, built in WordPress.

from £500

  • All work is subject to a minimum charge of one hour.
  • After the first hour time is billed in 30 minute intervals (rounded up to the nearest half hour).
  • Time tracking software is used to ensure accurate billing in all tasks except website design, social media management and bookkeeping.

Why should I outsource?

save yourself time

By allowing me to take on elements of your work you’re freeing up all of the time you usually spend on admin. For a lot business owners that’s a few hours per week. You can put that time into family and friends, getting more business or just doing something you enjoy.

cheaper than employment

You don’t have the headache of employing additional staff and the costs that come with it. No extra computer equipment, no national insurance & pension contributions and no sickness or holiday pay. I only charge you for work I’ve done so no work equals no fees.

increase your sales

If you’re not spending time on admin you could be out generating more work. Work that pays a lot more than my hourly rate. If you were to outsource your calls and emails for instance then that call you’d usually let go to voicemail could be closed and booked in for a quotation.

My Clients

“My day used to start at 6:30am and sometimes not finish until the early hours of the following morning. Since using Mark’s services I have a better work/life balance as I can rest assured my business is being looked after.”

Adam Taylor, Crystal Windows